Shrouded Memories

Session 2: The Cave

As the battle-weary travelers descended further into the darkness of the cave, they could quickly sense it getting warmer. Nimh, still breathing hard and limping from their near-death conflict with the chief of the ragtag kobolds, abruptly stopped with a raised hand. Cairn, Blackwood and Yannin halted immediately and looked to their scout for guidance. As their eyes adjusted, they could tell that there was a faint blue light coming from down the corridor. Nimh edged forward and finally peered around the corner only to find a room brightly lit by a pool of eerily blue magma. In the center of the room was a tall pedestal crudely hewn from stone. Atop the pedestal shined a brilliant gemstone. The stone itself was lit by the blue light as well and cast dancing shapes on the walls as the pool of magma roiled and churned. In hushed silence, the four weary adventurers approached for a closer look. They looked to each other, faces pale in strange glow of the magma. Cairn shrugged. Blackwood looked concerned. Nimh kept glancing at the entrance to the chamber Somehow, Yannin’s ocular lenses appeared twice their normal size as he gazed at the gem, mouth gaping. He began slowly walking toward the gem, irresistibly drawn to its mystery. Before he took his first step, his new friends had already turned and ran for the door…

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Great writing Will!

Session 2: The Cave

Thanks! i’ve been meaning to finish this post, just havent found the time. i just spent about an hour doing a full write up but then my sausage finger hit the wrong key and i lost it all. i guess thats what i get for typing on a web field. im going to type in word and cut and paste from now on. ill update this section soon, i just dont have the heart to redo it right now…

Session 2: The Cave

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