Shrouded Memories

Session 3: From Hag to Nordrock

From Hag to Nordrock

Picking up after Yannin takes the lava gem, we proceed to the entrance to the cave. We discover an elf monk examining tracks leading to the cave entrance and destroyed wagons.

His name is Arloaen. He was sent from Llewelys to investigate monsters that have been appearing in their area. He followed the tracks here. We share information regarding the paintings, monsters and battles we have fought here. This answers some of his questions and he asks to join our effort.

We decide to create a rues for Beatrice. We setup a site between the cave and Gravesham. Then, we send Arloaen to Gravesham to find Beatrice. He will tell her that he found a trove of paintings by who-be-artist. He came to ask her advice.

The rest of the group takes an extended rest. Yannin remains still but alert, Nimh only needs rests for four hours. Early in the morning, Cairn suddenly runs away into the forest. None of us are apparently able to follow him.

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Group so-and-so happen to be a cult of the Keeper of the Dark Six.

The dragonborn, from descriptions, sounded to be a paladin of the Silver Flame.

Session 3: From Hag to Nordrock

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