Shade Sorcerer halfling


race – shade, originally a halfling
3’ 6" – thin build
eyes – dark grey with purple flecks, wears dark glasses
dark somber silk clothing
dragon mark looks like it was burned repeatedly, but still visible

carries staff and a couple of daggers

ambitious, brooding, manipulative, paranoid, pragmatic, reserved


I assumed the name Blackwood when I became a Shade. It is the name of the place where the Shadow connects to our world. I never mention my original family name

from House Jorasco, always at odds with immediate family over choice of class, family only values healing, doesn’t respect arcane sorcery

family was taken prisoner by adversary
became a shade for the power to rescue my family
don’t know if it was an old debt from the Last War or a current criminal organization seeking revenge for healing one of their enemies
in utter desperation to save family chose to take the Trail of Five Darknesses, embracing the power of shadow
the shadow is a curse and burden that I must bear
rescued most of family, lost wife and daughter, only child, are they dead?
now, outcast of family and community because of becoming a shade

My family always thought I didn’t act in accordance of the responsibility that the mark implies. More was expected of me than I lived up to. Since I became a shade and lost my wife and child and earned my fathers contempt, I brood about accomplishing something great or finding greater meaning in my life.

I have been investigating who kidnapped my family and whether my wife and child were killed.

Drawn to the life of an adventurer, He tries to earn the trust of a close circle of friends, defending those comrades with the ruthlessness for which their kind is known. However, some decry this behavior as just another facet of the shades’ characteristic avarice – treating friends as personal possessions that must be kept safe at all costs.


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