Male Revenant (Goliath) Battlemind


His oldest memory is waking up in the Mournlands. He couldn’t remember his name, his identity, what he was doing there, or anything. He thought it was a dream, or perhaps some form of purgatory, until he began wandering, and then he became certain it was hell. He was assailed by shrieking spirits, drank from a stream that made him vomit blood for a week, and nearly died on multiple occasions. Finally, he came upon a caravan of adventurers, only to have them shout battlecries to the Silver Flame and attempt to kill him. Suddenly, in a burst of desperation, he found that his mind had been expanded and that somehow he could control reality with his thoughts. Intimidated by his confused onslaught, the adventurer’s fled. He followed their wagon ruts out of the Mournlands and came upon New Cyre.

Over the past four years he has shifted between abject depression, apathy, confusion and determination to understand himself and his purpose. He chose the name Cairn for himself but knows nothing about his past. He has made more than one trip back into the Mournlands with groups of adventurers to search for clues about his past, but has not been able to discover anything. He wants to understand his past only to understand his purpose. He is interested in understanding the Mourning because he believes it is tied to his identity. So he has been living near New Cyre, concealing his undead nature, and acting a reclusive guide into the Mournlands. People come to him to draw on his experience in the Mournlands for all sorts of different purposes, to raid untouched Cannith Forges, to search for lost loved ones, even historians hoping to catalog the strange features of that dangerous place. He sees it as his only place for clues. Cairn hates the gods but has a sense of respect and curiosity for the Traveler, because they have so much in common.

Recently, while on a trek into the Mournlands, Cairn was cleaning his armor and his shoulder was exposed. One of the adventurer’s who happened to be a former-soldier, noticed his tattoo and remembered seeing it before. He once drank with a soldier in a wine-sink after the mourning, who was part of an elite group of soldiers that all shared that tattoo. He couldn’t remember any other details, even his name, only that he hailed from a small island called Dendrake Flats. Cairn wonders if perhaps he goes to this island, someone will recognize the tattoo and perhaps he can track this man down.


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