Yannin Varr

Warforged Artificer - Scarecrow Puppetteer


Yannin Varr, the Scarecrow Watcher of the Mournlands

The imposing figure of a warforged is made gaunt and fragile in the garb of a scarecrow. The tall, pointed hat of the field day laborer, a large, flowing trench coat, stitched, humble clothes, and the burlap sac hood with a misshapen, gaping mouth and vacant eyes. Besides the rope noose that hangs like a macabre necklace, numerous, small puppets adorn Varr’s clothes, and some are animate, squirreling away amongst his clothes and construct form, chittering and reacting in pantomime to those Varr interacts with.

The puppets are disguised much like the warforged, with puffy cloth suits, hoods, and costuming – hinting that their true forms underneath are something grosteque or frightening… like their master. Varr’s warforged form is mostly disguised under the acoutrements of the scarecrow, but it can be discerned that the living construct body is bone white in color – its form not as bulky as the war designed brethren, but taking on the slender mould of the pensive, support creations. From the glimpses caught of either torso or the main section of limbs, there appear numerous, caustic runes etched in black and green, appearing to have been burnt in by the corrosion of acid, yet honed by a certain artistry as though it were some form of practiced body art.

Varr wields a hefty staff of iron, inscribed along its length with runes, and having bolts and apparent tools fused (etched and crafted as various aberrant creatures). Under his trench coat a holstered hand crossbow can be seen, and studded leather armor wrapped in bands like a mummy (with similar etched, aberrant creature styling studs)poke out from the humble farmer’s garb. Large spell books are strapped to his belt, and three overlapping bandoliers hold numerous tools, picks, instruments, and sewing materials that Varr often fiddles with while attuning to items or infusing reagents into his preferred method of delivery – puppet.


Yannin Varr speaks of awakening at the time of the Mourning, with no prior memory. His actions often reflect the naive nonchalance of a child – yet, when the Artificer attunes with items he seems to unfold and relate to the long forgotten history, and knowledge, of that possessed in the item itself.

Frighteningly enough, the childlike ignorance of the world is misshapen in a living construct that was born into the world of death found in the Mournlands. Varr has spoken on occaison of his first memories – opening his eyes to see a masked group of men, executing victims by the hangman’s noose. His survival was hiding his form amongst those executed, taking what garb could be found, including the hood and noose that adorned those he saw terminated.

Varr has a seeming passion to see life sustained, yet in a moment can turn cold to destroy and kill that which stands in his way.

An eccentric living construct, he seems to gain great joy in creation and discovering the new. . .

Yannin Varr

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