Treasure Sessions 3 - 7

Party Loot Sessions 3 -7


Here was the loot from Sessions 3 through 7:

Session 2 (the blue lava)

Blue lava gem (Yannin is holding onto it…)

Session 3 (collected off the hag bag, frogs, and mud men):

+1 Quarterstaff of Utility (to Yannin)
Gem (300 gp value)
Potions of Healing (x2)

Session 4 (Werehamster tower, Duergar, Gnolls, spitting cobras, and of course the rust monsters!)

+1 Robes of Contingency (Blackwood)
Belt of Endurance (6th, 1,800 gp, unclaimed)
Potions of Healing (x6)
1,460 gp

Session 5 (looted from Duergar bluesmithy)

370 gp
Potion of Heal
+1 flaming shortsword (eventually to Lucan)
Arcane Lock Ritual (held by Yannin)
Magma Shoot’n Warhammer (Cairn)
Cool donkey cart (taken by Arloen to cart back Gregor’s corpse after becoming Claymous pincushion).

Session 6 (looted from Cultists – no loot from dreamwalking or chat’n with Valood the Qwick)

50 gp
2 Potions of Heal
Dwarven under beard trimmer (dwarven artifact worth 250 gp)

Session 7 (from the pit below, and various shrapnel blown into Yannin)

Dwarven smoking jacket and pipe set / pipe rack (dwarven artifacts worth 500 gp)
Dragonshard (can be used as component to construct an item at 1/10th cost, level 1-7)
Dragonshard (embedded in Yannin, -1 REF, +1 all saves, +5 hp per tier of play)

Overall, my minus stack adds up as follows:

Nyhm parted with a +1 Battleaxe, the ruby scabbard, and 125 gp.
Arloen got his hands on three potions of healing.


Treasure Sessions 3 - 7

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