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To date, Yannin has made a few items for the party:

+1 stone maul (Cairn)
Eagle Eye Goggles (Blackwood)

I may have made a +1 staff for Blackwood… but, I don’t think I ended up doing that.

So, where does that leave us? Right now (January 14, 2012), we’re in the middle of nowhere so we have not yet sold the dwarven artifact items… but, once we do, minus the items above, party loot to make any item up to 6th level is 2,425 gp. Not to mention the 7th level potential item at 1/10th cost (but I can’t make that until next level).

Some suggestions: for party members without neck slot items, I suggest Cloaks of Resistance (cheap +1 neck, and has a daily to trigger temp hit points)

I have two wishlist 4th level items I’d love (+1 Battlestaff and Disk of Energy Resistance, and yes, I do want a 2nd staff as 5th level I’m planning to get a dancing weapon daily – but I can wait on that staff). I could also become the party lantern and build in a Delver’s light into Yannin.

Don’t forget, if we still have ties to House Thrask, there is a 600/900 gp payout.

Also, now that I can craft 6th level items, I could see about shifting that Belt of Endurance into an alternate 6th level belt.


Yannin's Workshop

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