Session Five

Session 5 – Donkey Cart and the Bluesmithy

Under charge of House Tharashk, Arloen, Blackwood, and Yannin set out with Gregor, werebear, to find the duergar holding out with the dragonshards (contract deal to scout for 600 gp, 900 gp to assault operations and bring some hurt to the gray skins}.

Brutal mountain conditions served a toll upon the party, but perseverance, and a bit o’luck (thank ye o belt of endurance, led the party to the mountain valley that was the location to the sunken dwarven city. Two areas were noted, a set of ruins to the northeast, and an isolated tower to the southwest of the valley (noted as ruins – big ops, and a refinery/smithy – the small ops). But, even more interesting was a lone rider on a wee supply cart pulled by a donkey. Long story short of trying to be sneaky and suave, we revealed ourselves to the cartman, a medusa male by the name of Claymous. Claymous noted he was headed to the refinery, and had dealings with the Duergar, but venerated a sense his work around these parts was almost all wrapped up.

The party followed the donkey cart to the refinery. Claymous parked the cart and headed into the tower. The party followed, the joint was obviously a duergar hangout as we meleed with gaurds in the entry room. During the opening of that melee, a barrage of arrows drove into Gregor the werebear – killing him dead on the spot – arrows courtesy of the bow of Claymous. The party inherently new it had no dog in a fight with Claymous, and an awkward glance exchange was given between the two factions as Claymous promptly departed the tower. After dispatching the inital room guard, Cairn joined the party telling tale of hunter-seeker modons on his tale, being peppered with iron darts, and odd dreamscape hallucinations of battlefields of yore. Talk of modons tirggered the addled mind of Varr who recalled being told by Jasper the Gnome that the crate that held the initial modon from the airship was likely constructed by a guild in the City of Spires boxes designed with wards to trigger delayed relase of contents).

Arloen felt dismayed over the death of the half-elf werebear, and offered to utilize the donkey cart to return Gregor to House Tharashk. The group parted ways, with the majority heading deeper into the refinery, and the action ensued…

  • bluesmiths (not blacksmiths!) as the duergar attempted to forge weapons using blue lava (and blue lava flowed through chambers of the refinery). Not all projects were a success, as numerous suits of broken armor and mangled weapons lay strewn throughout the chamber, but the duergar lads were able to take a break for long enough to engage us enterlopers (with the help of devlish, disappearing imps and blue magma creatures.
  • showdown with duergar boss and his lava mephit groupies ended antics at the refinery, where the group found a map with a listing of crossed out names, and a bit more description of the area. A flaming short sword and magma blasting warhammer were located, and Varr found out the blue lava gem could control blue lava (fascinating!).

Session Five

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