Session Four

Session 4 – Oxidation of the Werehamster

Blackwood and Arloen pulled Yannin from a fountain (the warforged was posed as water statuary to study the pigeons) and Blackwood explained he would enlighten the living construct and cloister elf monk to the fine art of carousing. While trying to find a lead on the whereabouts of his family at a local watering hole, Blackwood and Varr heard curses of, “That damned halfling Victor! May the Six devour him painfully!” The trio drifted to the table to hear more the whereabouts of the mischievous halfling Victor, only to learn his shifty, con artist skills were also well vetted in the Norkdrok environs. A group of drunken losers, suckers to some of Victor’s recent scams, spat at Victor’s names and provided information that the lout holed up in an old watchtower out of town, apparently awaiting a buyer for a sweet deal being offered for a pair of rust monsters.

Seeking some closure from being duped with antsy pictures, romping through a kobold time share, and snuggling close in the arms of an owlbear, Blackwood, Arloen, and Varr set off for the tower with promises to deliver just desserts to Mr. Victor. The tower was located and the actions ensued:

  • crazed duergar were picking at the floor of the lowest level of the watchtower… “blue, blue lava viens… where is the blue!” We proceeded to knock out the duergar, before vanquishing the last sneaky quill sniper, they indicated their boss had been slain and another held sway over these deep dwarves. They had lots of nice shiny gold bands which were promptly looted.
  • spitting cobras! (Being blinded stank) and gnoll snake charmers. Put those baddies on ice, and after an awkward negotiation attempt to sidestep and encounter, we called the gnoll snake handler boss’s bluff, charged, and electrocuted it (scortched gnoll fur sends a nice zing through the nostrils)… then up to the top level…
  • Gnoll boss baddie, big bag o’ gold on the negotiation table, two rust monsters, and Victor… we erupt from the shadows only to be witness to another eruption – Victor’s hideous transformation from halfling to werehamster! In the midst of battle, and near capture / detainment of Victor, the Gnoll Big Bad screamed to Victor, “Your secrets die with you!!!” and promptly beheaded the were-beast. The party cleaned up the remainder of the room, finding the gnoll less than forthcoming with his plans to buy two rust monsters, the lot was left to the devices of Blackwood and we danced back home with lots of loot.

The townsfolk were quite pleased to hear that Victor was dispatched, and good times were had by all.

Session Four

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