Session Three

From Hag to Nordrock

Picking up after Yannin takes the lava gem, we proceed to the entrance to the cave. We discover an elf monk examining tracks leading to the cave entrance and destroyed wagons.

His name is Arloaen. He was sent from Llewelys to investigate monsters that have been appearing in their area. He followed the tracks here. We share information regarding the paintings, monsters and battles we have fought here. This answers some of his questions and he asks to join our effort.

We decide to create a rues for Beatrice. We setup a site between the cave and Gravesham. Then, we send Arloaen to Gravesham to find Beatrice. He will tell her that he found a trove of paintings by who-be-artist. He came to ask her advice.

The rest of the group takes an extended rest. Yannin remains still but alert, Nimh only needs rests for four hours. Early in the morning, Cairn suddenly runs away into the forest. None of us are apparently able to follow him.

Much earlier then expected, Our group hears Beatrice approaching. We find hiding places to watch. This is a great accomplishment for the 6’2" Warforge Yannin and we are all proud of him. Beatrice runs in and starts to examine the trove of “paintings.” We come out of our hiding places and start to question her. We are all disgusted as a Hag starts to tear out of a bag of skin in the shape of Beatrice. Of course a fight ensues.

Quickly a giant frog attacks Blackwood almost swallowing him from his head to waist. We probably all can see a picture of that in our minds eye. He manages to crawl out but remains prone on the ground. Then it seems he starts to put on a coat, but instead of cloth, shadow envelopes him and he disappears. Unseen, he crawls back and unleashes an orb of acid on the frog.

The Hag and two mud monsters attack and trap Nimh in roots growing up from the ground and brambles covering a large area around her. She is both restrained and immobilized. We think we hear her curse a bow and arrow she doesn’t have.

Arloaen runs in and joins Yannin to engage the hag, two mud monsters, and what are now two giant frogs. Yannin doles out incredible buffs to the allies and damage to the enemies, Arloaen attacks the monsters with his bare hands and feet. A now visible Blackwood stays at range and hurls spells to affect two and three monsters at a time. With buffs from Yannin Nimh makes a heroic effort to free herself from the brambles and roots that had her out of the fight. With everyone now able to perform, the monsters don’t stand a chance. Last to die, the Hag tries to deceive us with a parlay. She tries to escape and we decide to put her out of our misery.

We find a +1 staff that Yannin can utilize in his good work. He is hesitant at first but Blackwood finally convinces him to take the staff. :-)

The group returns to Gravesham and tells St. Chamblain about the Hag pretending to be his wife, Beatrice. He immediately leaves for Llewelys to find anything about his wife. We also tell Julian what we found out.

The group decides to travel to Nordrock to follow up on clues regarding Dragonshards and find work with Nimh’s contact. We find a caravan traveling to Nordrock and hire on as guards, earn 8gp each.


Found hotel rooms. Yannin prefers to stay out in the city, sometimes in the fountain pretending to be a water spout.

street talk

talked to somebody who knows that Cragburn, outcast from powerful Power Hand House, hangs out in three different taverns.

second tavern – we find Cragburn

bluff – saying we represent Roger Timble

He knows and works with Roger, (knew and worked with, since Roger is actually dead) Tells us that Duergar, who have stolen the Dragonshards from House Tharashk, came to the city to sell one Dragonshard some time ago. That meeting was interrupted by group so-and-so who killed everyone. there was no trace of the Dragonshard. So either group so-and-so took it or the city guard took it. The bartender in the third tavern said that a self-righteous Knight was asking about the same things. Group so-and-so secretly meets at night in a warehouse in the East of the City.

Yannin Varr, while distracted by many things managed to find a dwarf wizard to discover the properties of the blue lava gem that we found in the cave. Gem history: Dendrake was effected when the mournland was made. The people at the time used magic gems to stabilize lava flows. this gem doesn’t have other properties. Yannin squirreled the gem away in one of his copious pockets just in case we need this for future lava encounters.

Nimh, with Blackwood along, made contact with John Calvin Coolidge, member of House Tharashk and 30th President of the United States, wherever that is! Coolidge said they were leaving soon for a scouting mission to find the Duegars. After the scouting, another mission to recover the Dragonshards will commence. Coolidge asked both to join the missions. Nimh advises that she has other members in her party and would like to confer with them. Because of her reputation and recommendation, he also wants them to join.

The group rejoins and shares all of the information. We decide to join Calvin’s effort to scout the Duergar. We will not pursue the one Dragonshard we believe is held by group so-and-so.

Session Three

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